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Home Glass Industry ZANATTA VETRO S.p.a.


Zanatta Vetro was founded in 1972. It is a manufacturer of insulating glass and today has become a company which is unique in its sector.

The company policy is based on two main aims: ongoing investment in innovation and great commitment to research aimed at ensuring the highest quality products.

We are a glassmaking company capable of meeting the most stringent demands of the plate glass sector: construction, interior design and the shipbuilding market.

Zanatta Vetro is a completely autonomous and fully integrated organization, headquartered on a 20,000 square-metre site and boasting state-of-the-art glassmaking technology.

We are able to produce tempered and laminated insulating glass with maximum dimensions up to 7,500 mm in length and 3210 mm in height.

Zanatta Vetro partners with the main glass suppliers: Agc, Saint Gobain, Nsg, Guardian Lux Guard. It is a certified company meeting all requirements to enable us to work in all major countries, both inside and outside the EU.

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    Home Glass Industry ZANATTA VETRO S.p.a.