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La Zentex has been working for over 50 years in the field of accessories for textile machines. In the last 30 years it has been particularly dedicated to the transmissions of spinning and twisting machines, has studied and gradually improved the spindle drive belts, adapting them to increasingly modern technologies. His research was first of all aimed at the use of materials suitable for the highest speed of the spindles and therefore at an increasingly accurate processing in order to increase the life of the belts, significantly reduce energy absorption, simplify the application system. and therefore make maintenance easy and minimal. She later engaged in the study of new alternative control systems. Instead of traditional methods, it has patented and created tie rods armed with steel ropes which, together with incomparable inelongability and flexibility, combine very high resistance that allows them to be used even for lifting very high loads. Due to their high technology, ductility, reliability and durability, tie rods are used on spinning machines, twisters, spindles and relative heads all over the world. Quality, accuracy, seriousness and commitment in the continuous search for new solutions have been and continue to be the fundamental principles of Zentex.

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