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Digital hydraulics: what you need to know about the future of hydraulics

Digital hydraulics is a 4.0 revolution of traditional hydraulics. With new technologies, the functionality of machinery should increase by up to 20%, changing traditional sectors such as steel, presses, earth moving…

What is digital hydraulics? What changes?

This new aspect of the 4.0 era, in essence, would change the hydraulics by digitizing valves and pumps. In this way, hydraulics becomes digital, equipping it with a technology that, although at its origins, promises to significantly increase the efficiency of machinery.

At the moment the sector is in timid growth, but already in 3-5 years the forecasts indicate double-digit growth, as soon as the real advantages of these technologies are noticed; in fact, the application of hydraulics 4.0 allows you to reduce costs not for a single machine but, rather, at the entire project cost, increasing efficiency by up to 20%.

Advantages of digital hydraulics

In addition to an increase in efficiency, the application of digital systems to the hydraulic sector allows the implementation of algorithms related to machine learning. Downtime would be minimized and predictive maintenance would also be easier to organize.

Furthermore, thanks to digital technology, hydraulics become more precise and dynamic, capable of lowering operating costs. Finally, thanks to industry 4.0, it is possible to obtain data about the entire production process, rather than referring only to a specific machine.

In this way, the total knowledge that passes from the smallest hydraulic components also entails a reduction in terms of analysis costs for the company; in fact, if today a person has to analyze different variables, with different units of measurement, thanks to digital hydraulics he would have all these data immediately available, thus avoiding potential errors.

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