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Discover the ECOBOT Scrubber 75, the “first-born child” of the cleaning robot family

Gerobo International is a Robotics, AMR’s – Cleaning, Service robots and Drones company. The company provides custom solutions to shipping, industry, logistics and Ho.Re.Ca sectors. Gerobo’s motto is ‘People First, Robots Next!’ as it is inspired by the dynamically developing and increasingly applicable technological developments in the context of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 automation. 

The company provides a broad selection of products and services aimed at boosting the productivity of large area cleaning.

The cleaning industry has been changing rapidly in recent decades, thanks largely to the introduction of autonomous technology. And it is precisely the potential and value of this technology that led Gerobo to secure the distribution of a revolutionary product from the company Gaussian Robotics.

The ECOBOT Scrubber 75: boosting the productivity of large area cleaning

The ECOBOT Scrubber 75 is a classic flagship product and the first ever cleaning robot to put a stop to incomplete cleaning. The robot is able to map over 100,000 m2 of coverage in a single map, and  is equipped with an Alert & Report interface to warn you of areas that were blocked or inaccessible for cleaning. With a touch of the button, the Scrubber 75 switches to manual operation for rapid deployment or inaccessible areas.

The robot is equipped with 20+ sensors all around the machine body that guarantees superb environmental perception and smart obstacle avoidance. With a 750mm scrubbing width and a 75L clean water tank, Scrubber 75 is an ideal choice for large-area cleaning missions

Agility is not compromised by its size: the robot features superior maneuverability with an innovative front-mounted brush head, an ergonomic steering wheel and stand-on pedal.

The ECOBOT Scrubber 75 is designed to operate continuously for six hours on a single power charge and tank of water thanks to its state-of-the-art four stage filtering system that ensures clear recycled water for a spotless clean. This system can cut down the monthly water usage by up to 6,000 litres. With class leading coverage of 3,000 m2/hr, the Scrubber 75 saves both time and money in floor cleaning activities.

In addition to the characteristics of sustainability, efficiency, simplicity and savings, the flexibility of the Scrubber 75 must also be added. The robot can in fact be used in many environments: airports and stations, supermarkets and malls, schools, hotels and accommodation facilities, convention centers, industries, warehouses, logistics and parkings.

Last but not least, the scrubber 75 is able to adapt to different types of floors, including: concrete, natural stone, PVC & vinyl, polyurethane, ceramic tiles, epoxy, artificial marble and granite.

The Gerobo staff is waiting for you to present solutions and applications for the cleaning sector. Visit the company’s website to find out more!

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