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Internet of Things: the winning key for the packaging industry

The Internet of Things is spreading in the world of packaging. Research from Packaging Gateway’s parent company, Global Data, has shown how companies are starting to use this technology to improve the efficiency of their operations.
Thanks to IoT, packaging providers make the move from being merely reactive to being predictive.

The power of data

As reported by Global Data, packaging leaders are implementing IoT to facilitate the achievement of their ESG goals.
In fact, IoT allows packaging companies to have an unprecedented amount of data. And this represents a significant chance to identify multiple efficiency opportunities.

A combination of technologies

Integrated smart systems, sensors, data and analytics automate processes and facilitate the achievement of efficiency targets, with cost containment.
In particular, IoT represents the starting point of digitalisation for companies.

The combination of this technology with 5G and artificial intelligence allows the collection, transmission and extraction of insights.
More generally, the integration of interconnected technologies like IoT, AI, cloud and edge computing, through the entire packaging value chain, represents a strategic opportunity for the sector.

The role of IoTaaS providers

In this context, IoT as a service (IoTaaS) vendors come on stage. They provide platforms to make it easy for enterprises to deploy and manage their connected devices. And thus they help accelerate IoT adoption for predictive maintenance, advanced automation and condition monitoring.

Towards sustainable production

IoT adoption can also prove to be a crucial operation for environmental sustainability in the packaging sector.
According to the World Economic Forum, for example, combining IoT with 5G and AI could help cut carbon emissions by 15%.
In other words, implementing IoT means achieving company objectives in terms of energy reduction in manufacturing, simplification of operations and efficient management.


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