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Mexico: the chiaroscuro of the agricultural sector in 2023

Mexico will not confirm the ninth position in the list of the world’s largest food producers in 2023.
The Agricultural Markets Advisory Group (GCMA) announces the demotion to tenth place, urging the government to intervene to support the growth of the national agricultural sector.

Mexico loses one position due to the growth in food production in Ukraine and Canada. The market will once again be dominated by China, with a total of 1.4 billion tons, followed by India (799.4 million tons) and the United States (773.9 million tons).

A challenging period

The situation in the Mexican agricultural sector is contradictory. The country’s food production will reach about 290 million tons in 2023, exceeding the amount recorded in 2022 by 3 million tons. Although productivity has continued to increase, the agricultural sector has been rather static since 2018.

According to GCMA, the production of grains and oilseeds in Mexico in 2022 was impacted by both agro-climatic conditions and market instability, leading to a total annual production of 40.3 million tonnes. The consumption of grains during that year reached 76 million tonnes, which resulted in the import of almost 36 million tonnes. The most imported product was corn, with a total of 17.3 million tonnes, followed by soybeans at 6.5 million tonnes and wheat at 5.2 million tonnes. 

The importance of planning

As the report suggests, the federal government must not back down from the economic, geopolitical, and climatic challenges of recent years, but must insist on a project that takes into account the needs and different realities within the agricultural sector. Only a weighted and contextualized program will favor the advent of a thriving season for the agricultural and agro-industrial fields.


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