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Thermocouples for fused glass channels

CAP IT manufactures temperature sensors for the glass industry.

Specifically, these are temperature sensors commonly used for measuring in the channels of the vertical temperature profile of the glass flow from 100 ยฐ to 1650 ยฐ C.
Among others, three-level thermocouples are also used, therefore โ€œtripleโ€, with three hot measuring junctions positioned at different lengths.
The thermocouples act by generating a signal for the controllers of the furnace heaters, in order to ensure the thermal homogeneity of the glass exiting the channel for subsequent formation in the molds.
As the thermocouple is inserted into the molten glass, it is subject to erosion and deterioration. To withstand these conditions, platinum and platinum alloy tips are used as a protective sheath of the thermocouple, welded to the metal stem or cemented with the alumina protection tube. These tips are wear resistant and allow you to insert and remove thermocouples several times without damaging either the filaments or the hot measuring junctions.
However, the introduction of the tips into the molten glass causes another negative effect: the molten glass is made up of strong reducing agents that react with the platinum, forming oxides that break the grain structure of the tip and weaken it. Furthermore, the sulfur content in the glass reacts with the platinum alloy, irreparably deteriorating and damaging the tip.
To counter this problem, the hardening technique with dispersion oxides is used to harden platinum and its alloys, resulting in an increase in mechanical strength and strengthening of the grain structure.
After many years of experience, we have unique assembly techniques, designed to ensure long life and precision, as we know that extended life is critical to keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum. The quality of the components used to make triple thermocouples is vital.

For this CAP IT uses only top quality European ceramics and specific metals to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained at the highest possible level.

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