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What is structural glass?

Structural glass is a very resistant material and derives from silicon oxide. This type of glass, being transparent, lets in sunlight and at the same time protects the rooms from external weather.

When we talk about glass, we immediately think of fragile glass, to be used for glasses, vases or ornaments. But glass can also undergo specific processes that make it quite resistant. Here then is that fragile glass becomes structural. In other words it is transformed into a material for structures, including load-bearing ones; therefore suitable to withstand high loads. In fact, structural glass is considered as if it were wood or metal, on which perhaps other glass walls can be erected.

The result is very effective, as the building will be completely transparent both on the floor and on the sides. Without the union of another type of material, the structural glass can be customized and finished, as well as being environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The structural glass, being transparent, saves a lot of energy. In this way, in fact, it is possible to take advantage of the sunlight for longer during the day without having to turn on the lights.

An environment built entirely of structural glass gives that slight warmth of the sun’s rays that filter through the glass itself with consequent savings on heating and without dispersion of the internal temperature.

Therefore, structural glass is often used in construction for new homes, for restoration and for interiors. In the end, it can be said with absolute certainty that with such a multifaceted material there will be no lack of novelties in architecture and its benefits will not remain underestimated. Beautiful, elegant, refined, structural glass can also offer an unparalleled outward appearance.


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