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An ecological future thanks to glass

2022 is the international year of glass and there are many events that are taking place and will take place to celebrate the importance of glass itself.

One of these was FutureMadeClear, which brought together industry experts who discussed the main topic: glass.
Glass is proving day after day the true ecological key of the future due to its innate and praiseworthy qualities. Consumers themselves are asking for more glass packaging production. Glass is not only infinitely recyclable, but its cyclical reuse saves precious raw materials and huge amounts of energy, which is why glass is the protagonist of the packaging industry of the future.

With the large amount of initiatives and campaigns launched to support the recycling and use of glass, it is obvious that consumers are increasingly thinking in terms of environmental sustainability and safeguarding the planet Earth.

Parents are concerned about the future and the health of their children, just as children and young people are concerned about their present. And the questions arise spontaneously. What can be done to reduce pollution and the carbon footprint? What can be done to conserve natural resources?

In fact, glass is totally natural, therefore healthy unlike other packaging, glass bottles have a recycling rate that varies from 50% to 80%.

Companies and major brands are ready to revolutionize the packaging industry in a decidedly “green” orientation. They will try to pool the energies to make room for ecological packaging and to satisfy as much as possible the demands and expectations of consumers who are most interested in the sustainable footprint of packaging.
In addition to the world of packaging, glass is entering many sectors.
Glass is becoming a primary, if not indispensable, protagonist in most businesses.

Cutting-edge technological and scientific sectors actively participate in the cause. Specifically, they are investing in glass collection and processing facilities to increase the amount of recycled glass for remelting.
The construction sector is also admiring the great advantages offered by glass. In fact, glass is also used to generate renewable energy through solar, photovoltaic and wind turbine applications, which take great advantage of reinforced glass fibers.
Similarly, architects use large glazed surfaces for their energy-saving properties.


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