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The network of sustainable businesses

B2B Industry is the reference platform for companies that want to stay updated on the latest news and trends in the world of Environment, Safety and Governance, sharing their knowledge, experiences, initiatives and commitments in the field of sustainability and who want to have the opportunity to meet new partners and suppliers.

The project

What will you find on B2BIndustry?

  • Up-to-date ESG news: information on new regulations, sustainability initiatives, corporate success stories, relevant national and international events and much more.
  • A network of companies committed to sustainability:B2BIndustry is the meeting point for companies committed to a sustainable future. Join our community to connect with companies that share your values and goals.
  • Sustainable Partners and Suppliers: If you are looking for partners or suppliers who share your commitment to sustainability, our platform allows you to find the right companies quickly and efficiently.
  • Educational resources: We offer information and guides to help you better understand key ESG concepts, the latest regulations and implement sustainable practices in your business.
  • Events: stay informed on events, webinars and conferences related to the ESG world. and participate to learn from the experiences of leading companies in the sector.
  • Information for internationalization: updated reports relating to sustainability in different countries around the world.

How is the portal structured?
B2BIndustry includes:

  • A directory: a list of all the companies that join the portal by sharing their information. This is a useful tool for simply and immediately carrying out a search for potential partners and suppliers, filtered by sector and country of origin. Each company that appears in the directory presents its reality and provides its main contact information.
  • An e-magazine: a journalistic portal constantly updated with news relating to the three macro areas of Environment, Social and Governance. These are news published by companies, but also general news on market trends, the most recent regulations, important events and more.
  • The B2B Industry portal is managed by a communication agency expert in the B2B field. The platform is well positioned from an SEO perspective and all published news is shared on the constantly growing LinkedIn network of the portal, where they are read by a large number of potential partners, suppliers and customers.

Why join the B2BIndustry portal?

  • Create business opportunities: sharing is the basis of the project and the main B2B players join forces by sharing information, knowledge, ideas and experiences. Connect with companies that share your values, expand your network and create new business opportunities.
  • Stay Informed: Always stay up to date on the latest sustainability trends and news to make informed decisions for your business. Find out how much good other companies in your sector do to improve your business!
  • Strengthen your corporate reputation: show the world your commitment to a safer and more sustainable world and spread your news as widely as possible thanks to a thanks to a structured network and careful positioning of news on search engines.
  • Make a difference: a more sustainable and responsible world is only possible by joining forces, make your contribution!


B2BIndustry & brain point, the partnership created to respond to requests for quotes relating to products advertised on the network. Brain point is a specialized buyer that ensures the supply of technical articles

Professionals providing general consultancy, project management and systems development services, engaged in the development of the B2BIndustry commercial network in the international market

Reasons to join our network


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Privacy Policy

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To enhance your strengths in the B2B market

The project highlights the features and strengths of companies active in the B2B sectors: entrepreneurs are often able to relate to the customer, understand their needs and create tailor-made products and services that are also able to satisfy requests more particular, but still too often they do not know how to seize the opportunities offered by web marketing. This directory is the ideal tool to fill this gap.

To show your business to a selected audience

The directory gives a boost in terms of enhancement to all companies that decide to join because it caters to a select audience of potential customers.

To networking

Only by joining forces, creating a system, creating a network, it is possible to compete more successfully in an increasingly complex and globalized market. Choose to publish one’s content on B2B Industry, companies will exhibit their news alongside the main players in the sector.

To create new business

B2B Industry gives the possibility to direct web users towards the knowledge of new entrepreneurial realities and favors contact and commercial communication between companies. Expand your network of potential customers and suppliers!

Increase the visibility of your events!

On B2B Industry it will be possible to increase the visibility of your events and increase the number of subscribers. The news relating to your events will in fact be shared on the LInkedin page of B2B Industry and therefore read from the ever-growing contact database!


Company description page

Uploading the company file in the “Companies” section of B2B Industry including:

  • logo,
  • Phrase that describes the company’s commitment to ESG criteria
  • company description,
  • Description of the company’s commitment to greater environmental sustainability (you can also include certifications).
  • Description of how the company is committed to having a positive impact on the community in which it operates.
  • Description of how the company is committed to greater ethical leadership.
  • address,
  • website,
  • whatsapp contact,
  • industrial sector,
  • country,
  • email address,
  • contact form for forwarding requests for information.

Unlimited publications

Possibility to publish in the period specified in the contract from the start of the contract relating to products, services, case histories, videos, events, webinars. News can be uploaded directly by the company via login credentials that are provided after signing the contract.

Each article will contain links that will direct users to your corporate websites, increasing web traffic to them. At the bottom of each article, a contact form is provided to facilitate the request for quotes.

In addition to news relating to companies, B2B Industry is constantly updated with generalist news, SEO optimized, relating to various industrial sectors, market trends, news on the world of engineering. Your news will benefit from the visibility of a web portal with excellent positioning on search engines.

All the news is automatically translated into 10 languages and will guarantee great visibility of your information especially on foreign markets.

Promotion on social media

Dissemination, by Libera adv, of all company news on the B2B Industry linkedin network.

The network of linkedin connections of B2B Industry is constantly growing thanks to a recruiting activity that exploits the potential of the market in the various industrial sectors.

The publication and dissemination of promotional articles relating to webinars and events will allow you to significantly increase the number of subscribers to your event by reaching the huge linkedin database of the portal.

Annual report relating to the views of the customer’s company profile present on

Direct chat

Great news! The new subscribers will be able to use the portal’s internal chat

which allows interested users to request further information, to contact you easily directly from our portal and also to organize video calls.


Sharing of your videos and webinars on Youtube

Ability to share videos of your webinars and events on the B2B Industry youtube channel

Press office

Possibility to use a press office service managed by our technical journalists: we will take care of the drafting and dissemination in newspapers, magazines, blogs of news relating to your company’s products, services, events and successes. We will increase the visibility of your company by managing relations with national and international mass media.

Provision of analytics reports every six months, relating to the views of your news published on B2B Industry.


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Privacy Policy

 Read our Privacy and Cookies Policy and accept the conditions of use and processing of your data. We will always treat the information you enter with respect.