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The Business Network

B2B Industry guides you in the search for new partners for your business! Join B2B Industry and show the world your company's peculiarities and products. Furthermore, a targeted list of companies, operating in the sectors and countries you selected, will be available to you. We are talking about companies, like yours, that decided to bet on the visibility that only the web can offer.

The project

The purpose

B2B Industry, taking advantage of the enormous potential of the web and the constant publication of SEO responsive articles, provides maximum accessibility to international markets and offers a constantly updated directory that facilitates contact between companies, through a research filtered by sector and country.ย 

What is B2B Industry?

Itโ€™s the directory that showcases the main players in the B2B sectors, from AgriTech to Sheet Metal Processing, from Glass Industry to Measurement and Control Technology, from Industrial Automation to Fluid Powerโ€ฆ


B2B Industry already counts many companies and trade associations that decided to present themselves to an international audience, through the publication of news, photos, videos and events. Companies will be able to connect with new potential leads and suppliers for their sector through their presence in a directory that is as ample as it is specific.


Sharing is the very basis of the project: the main players in the B2B sector are joining forces by sharing information, knowledge, ideas and experiences to increase the visibility of their company on the international market.

The offer

Companies present on B2B Industry (the network) will have the opportunity to make contact with new potential customers and to expand their network of suppliers.


B2BIndustry & brain point, the partnership created to respond to requests for quotes relating to products advertised on the network. Brain point is a specialized buyer that ensures the supply of technical articlesย

Reasons to join our network


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    To enhance your strengths in the B2B market

    The project highlights the features and strengths of companies active in the B2B sectors: entrepreneurs are often able to relate to the customer, understand their needs and create tailor-made products and services that are also able to satisfy requests more particular, but still too often they do not know how to seize the opportunities offered by web marketing. This directory is the ideal tool to fill this gap.

    To show your business to a selected audience

    The directory gives a boost in terms of enhancement to all companies that decide to join because it caters to a select audience of potential customers.

    To networking

    Only by joining forces, creating a system, creating a network, it is possible to compete more successfully in an increasingly complex and globalized market. Choose to publish oneโ€™s content on B2B Industry, companies will exhibit their news alongside the main players in the sector.

    To create new business

    B2B Industry gives the possibility to direct web users towards the knowledge of new entrepreneurial realities and favors contact and commercial communication between companies. Expand your network of potential customers and suppliers!

    Participate in events

    On B2B Industry will be possible to organize online events, in which contacts between companies will take shape through webinars and speeches. Thanks to lead generation activity on the B2B Industry Linkedin channel, it will be possible to offer a database of potential contacts.