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    The European Parliament declares war on greenwashing

    Sustainability is the topic of contemporaneity: it rouses consciences and feeds the market. Companies leverage this argument to promote their products, while customers seek information about the ecological footprint...

    Shellac: the answer for resistant and ecological packaging?

    Paper-based packaging materials are suitable for recycling and composting but lack some key properties, such as water and oil resistance and gas barrier. To overcome these limitations, researchers from...

    Research on safe packaging for food rewards glass

    Food packaging is crucial for todayโ€™s globalized food system, but food contact materials can also be a source of dangerous chemicals migrating into foodstuffs. An international research has confirmed...

    Issues and goals of the Indian pharma packaging industryย 

    The Indian pharma packaging industry has been asked to find effective solutions for child safety and elder friendly packaging of products. The aim is to safeguard their interest and...