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A robot with its (gripping) hands in the jar

Robots are now capable of handling all kinds of objects, especially when supported by high-performance hands with vacuum gripping systems.

You can see in the video an example of handling closed jam jars with Vuototecnica PH and P2H suction plates.

For food and beverage sector, and in particular when it comes to taking packages, whether open or closed (cans, but also jars or cans), it is necessary to consider the particular shape of the objects and therefore enter into an engineering-partner relationship with the customer and find the most suitable solution. 

To move jars from the pallet to the filling/production line or vice versa, whether they are made of glass or tin or plastic, whether they have a cover or not, so as not to get caught with the hands in the jar, with unfortunate consequences, PH and P2H plates are perfect. 

The grip is always firm on the pressurized lid and the unevenness in height (also very easily found on pallets) is compensated for. 

Octopus also has an operational flexibility that allows containers of different diameters and shapes to be taken without having to change the gripping plate. 

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