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Sauermann innovates HVAC-R with Si-VH3 thermo-anemometer

Drawing from over 45 years of expertise in crafting and delivering top-notch products and services for the HVAC-R and industrial sectors, Sauermann continues to push boundaries in refining its line of professional measuring tools.

The Si-VH3 Thermo-anemometer: setting a new standard in Quality

The newest entrant in their array of precision tools is the Si-VH3 Thermo-anemometer, a state-of-the-art device tailored for HVAC-R experts seeking utmost accuracy and ease in their measurements.

This thermo-anemometer employs highly sensitive hot-wire technology, offering a dependable alternative for air flow measurement. Its precision in detecting air flow and velocity values within ventilation ducts establishes it as an indispensable tool for industry professionals.

Moreover, the Si-VH3 doesn’t stop there; it also excels in performing air leakage tests, pinpointing even the minutest leaks, and identifying thermal insulation issues through integrated temperature readings.

Technical specifications

Enhancing its versatility, the Si-VH3 seamlessly connects wirelessly with the Si-HVACR Measurement App, an in-house development. This app enables advanced functionalities like sending measurement reports via email in various formats such as PDF, XML, or CSV.

Additionally, its magnetic back support enables professionals to conduct measurements with unparalleled freedom of movement, ensuring unmatched convenience in the field.

Another standout feature is its telescopic remote probe, ranging from 18 to 82 cm, including the handle length. This feature grants access to high ducts, while probe graduations ensure precise insertion depth control, guaranteeing accurate measurements in any scenario.

Joining a comprehensive range of instruments

The Si-VH3 complements Sauermann’s complete suite of high-quality HVAC-R instruments, spanning temperature, humidity, pressure, air velocity, air flow measurement, and gas leak detection. With Sauermann, HVAC-R professionals rely on the precision and quality of their measurements.

The introduction of the Si-VH3 underscores Sauermann’s dedication to furnishing top-tier measuring instruments for HVAC-R professionals, ensuring the accuracy and convenience required for effective and efficient work.

For further details, explore the Sauermann website!

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