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Apples picking with robots and suction cups

Technological innovation is rapidly revolutionizing the agricultural sector, with vacuum suction cups taking center stage. Some companies are already implementing these innovations in the harvesting and transportation of agricultural products to reduce waste and ensure high quality products for end consumers.

The latest generation of fruit-harvesting robots are equipped with sensors and vision algorithms that enable them to identify and harvest ripe fruit using hands fitted with vacuum suction cups. These suction cups are designed to be gentle, allowing fruit to be handled without damaging the surface and operating quickly, a key feature for picking fragile produce that could be damaged by traditional mechanical harvesting methods.

The benefits of using vacuum suction cups do not only concern the quality of the harvested produce, but also the increase in the overall quantity of the harvest in the same time frame, thanks to the speed with which the suction cups grip and release the fruit. A significant example is given by the company Tevel, which recently introduced suction cup robots for apples picking, managing to reduce waste and improving fruit quality.

source: Tevel YouTube channel

The integration of vacuum suction cups in agriculture is an important step towards a more efficient future. Vuototecnica is the ideal partner to realize this potential:

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