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Bonfiglioli’s 700CE planetary drives: discover the advantages!

Bonfiglioli‘s 700CE planetary drives coupled with a high-power density electric motor are specifically designed for high-voltage hybrid powertrain systems. An integrated, maintenance-free IPM (internal permanent magnet) electric motor is included, giving significant benefits in terms of dimensions and efficiency.

The motor design is flexible from a cooling type standpoint: 700CE series drives coupled with air-cooled motors are designed to be installed on all kinds of crushers and screeners, weighting up 60 tons and with a max. speed of 3.5 to 4.0 km/h. Because they use the same motor with liquid cooling, some of these solutions can also be applied to other types of new-generation off-highway tracked machinery in the construction industry. For outdoor use on rough soils, the motor protection class is IP67. The overall length of the SAHR brake, is particularly limited, close to the size of a hydraulic motor.

700CE planetary gearboxes offer many benefits, including: ability to downsize and downspeed combustion engines, ease of installation, higher system reliability, virtually maintenance-free electric motors.

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