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CAP IT usually works with many clients, from Agusta Westland to CERN, to name a few. Among the many, an application that proved to be a real gem for CAP IT thanks to the synergy of all its experiences and skills, both in terms of design and production techniques, was destined for Avio Group, active in the design , development and production of components and systems for aerospace propulsion.

In particular, “Integration & Test Dpt. – Liquid Propulsion “was the department involved in the application of the CAP IT electric blankets and the intervention took place at the Colleferro (RM) headquarters, which is, among other things, the study and development center of Vega, the latest generation launcher designed and developed in Italy as part of the ESA-ASI space program. The problem that Avio had to solve concerned the liquid fuels contained in the tanks of the satellites which, in situations of vacuum, are not able to discharge completely because, at room temperature, they maintain their liquid form and in the absence of evaporation are not eliminated correctly.

To overcome this drawback, the solution was the heating of fuels. CAP IT has created specific electric blankets for this purpose, precise in the regulation and able to bring the temperature to 40-60 ° C without exceeding 70 ° C. The electric blankets adhering perfectly to the spherical or hemispherical shapes of the tanks and packaged in fireproof materials have provided the solution to a problem that is anything but trivial.

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