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CAP IT electric blankets for shipyards

CAP IT is the Italian leader in the design and manufacture of industrial textile electric blankets.

Thanks to the experience gained in the motor, nautical, construction and design sectors, CAP IT has developed a series of solutions for the processing of composite materials, and it’s able to meet the needs of speed and reduction of processing times, but in compliance with all the processing and precision requirements of the processes.

In fact, CAP IT is able to design and manufacture electric blankets of small and large dimensions for heating and maintaining the temperature of any material or semi-finished product intended for industrial processes or civil uses, according to the needs of any individual customer. 

Electric blankets for nautical applications

Thanks to the considerable experience gained in recent years in the nautical sector, CAP IT has developed specific products for this market.

There are typically two applications:

  • Electric blankets for use on board;
  • Electric blankets for work on site;

Electric blankets for use on board have mainly an antifreeze and a protection usage for the equipment positioned on the deck, and a drying usage for all other needs.

They are particularly suitable for maneuvering areas, rescue equipment, ducts, scuppers and cabins and, thanks to their extreme handling, when not in use they can be easily stored in small storage areas.

Electric blankets for work on site are normally used for work on hulls, both in repairs and on new products, and are particularly suitable for work on resins and polymers in general, on hull-deck joints, etc.

They are sturdy and built to withstand the harsh conditions present on a construction site and hasty handling by operators, but above all they are designed to ensure particularly precise and accurate processing temperature management through external control units. They are extremely handy, easy to use, and easy to store.

Discover CAP IT’s range of products by visiting the website.

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