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CAP IT: first of all a partner

CAP IT is now a consolidated reality in the Italian panorama of manufacturers of temperature sensors and rigid and flexible heating systems.
The company owes its fame and success to the dedication and passion for challenges of Pietro Cappelletti, its founder, first, and then of his daughter Delilah.
And in fact, in 25 years of activity, experience has been gained in all industrial sectors, from simple to more complex applications.
But right from the start, the search for product quality and the orientation to total-support customer service were the engines that moved all company choices and the ability to adapt to any need in the field is what really made the company. difference.
Today the quality level of CAP IT products is undisputed and, for some items, such as PT100 sensors for autoclaves and thermocouples for thermal validation, the company is the absolute leader in Italy and Europe.
But customer loyalty is the most valuable index: with a customer retention exceeding 10 years, CAP IT can count on a consolidated customer base, which it supports in all design and development needs in monitoring and managing the temperature. .
Thanks to the customer’s needs, CAP IT grows and acquires new skills, which it will then make available to others.
CAP IT, before being a supplier, is a PARTNER!

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