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Cattini & Figlio and customer oriented services

Since 1950, Cattini & Figlio has had seventy years of experience in the manufacture and trade of gears, with a focus on customer care.ย 

Cattini offers a series of customer-oriented services. This is vital as products are critical to machine performance, which means that it is essential to maintain a constant and continuous flow of information between supplier and customer. 

At Cattini & Figlio, the typical family background translates into a continuous pressure to achieve the excellence that characterizes every single phase of the business relationship. From technical support to analysis, to feedback to customers to identify the best solutions to achieve set goals, both technical and economic. 

In the production engineering section, the team strives to provide customers with the best services and necessary solutions for each project and a production start that does not incur any problems.

Another strong point of the company is undoubtedly the logistic services. Cattini & Figlio provides advanced logistics expertise to help customers manage their specific needs seamlessly.ย 

The company has the ability to collaborate with all major logistics organizations in business to organize reliable deliveries of its products anywhere and anytime. In the industry, in terms of delivery time, Cattini is second to none.

Cattini can offer an IT infrastructure based on the best technologies of the market. The company can offer any standard data interchange protocol available in the industry.ย 

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