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Cattini e Figlio’s gear range: a unique know-how!

Cattini e Figlio has gained valuable expertise in the gear production over the course of ten years. 

Their extensive range includes various types of cylindrical instrument, both with external and internal teeth, engagement sleeves, and manual or under load change systems (synchronizers and power shift). 

They also offer bevel products with spiral or hypoid teeth, straight bevel differentials, and planetary crowns, including those with triple teeth.

Their products find applications in both traditional and innovative settings, serving major global manufacturers of professional vehicles. 

These vehicles encompass a wide range, such as agricultural tractors, earth-moving machines, and various types of trucks. Cattini e Figlio Spa’s gears are utilized in advanced technologies like CVT for high-end tracked tractors and the world’s first double clutch transmission for heavy trucks.

Visit the website to learn more about the full range of Cattini and Figlio cylindrical gears, their specific features and advantages.

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