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Cattini & Figlio invests in electric cars for a sustainable future

In continuing its mission to promote corporate sustainability and a focus on energy conservation, Cattini & Figlio has taken a significant step toward a greener future.

The company’s fleet has recently been upgraded with the acquisition of electric cars, and charging stations have been installed at the headquarters. This decision reflects Cattini & Figlio’s tangible commitment to actively contribute to the creation of a cleaner and more responsible world.

The use of electric cars is a crucial step in reducing the environmental impact of Cattini & Figlio’s business activities. This initiative will also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, encouraging a transition to a more sustainable mobility system. The company is committed to doing its part to mitigate climate change and promote eco-friendly business practices.

The participation in the World Exhibition of Machine Tools (EMO), with the use of electric cars

Noteworthy is Cattini & Figlio’s participation in the World Exhibition of Machine Tools (EMO) in Hannover, which took place from 18th to 23rd September. Under the theme “Innovate Manufacturing,” this fair provides a key platform for exploring all aspects of manufacturing technology. The latest cars are presented here and technical solutions, trends and innovations in the industry are discussed.

EMO Hannover covers the entire manufacturing technology value chain, putting a strong emphasis on technology, dialogue and networking. This year, the fair focused on three main themes: the future of business, the future of connectivity, and the future of sustainability in manufacturing.

In keeping with its dedication to continuous improvement and sustainability, the Cattini & Figlio delegation left Casarile in one of the fleet’s new electric cars, heading to Linate Airport. From there, the team took off for Hannover, ready to actively participate in the fair and acquire new skills that can be applied in their daily commitment to sustainable growth.

This tangible commitment to corporate sustainability clearly demonstrates Cattini & Figlio’s desire to be a responsible player in building a greener future, and the acquisition of electric cars is just one of many steps taken to achieve this goal. With a clear vision and concrete actions, the company is ready to shape a more sustainable future for itself and the world.

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