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CELMI and the importance of weighing on CRUISE SHIPS

The CELMI srl team, leader in the design and production of industrial weighing systems for over 40 years, is also present with its solutions in the world of cruise ships. 










Within this specific industrial sector, where every detail contributes to the perfection of the travel experience, Celmi’s load cells play a fundamental role. Hidden but essential for safety, these advanced technologies ensure that each lift strictly respects load limits, thanks to extremely precise weighing.

This attention to detail not only protects the safety of guests, but also elevates the comfort of travel on cruise ships. With us at Celmi, technology becomes a guarantor of safety and reliability, ensuring that every moment spent on board is synonymous with tranquility and pleasure. 

The ideal product for this type of application is the type 281 load cell: the fulcrum of medium-capacity weighing systems, it is designed to prevent overloading, guaranteeing the protection of guests and the longevity of the lift.

Made of stainless steel and with capacities ranging from 0.3 to 20 tons, this load cell is essential for constantly monitoring the load, activating alarms or interrupting operation in the event of excess weight. 

Our Type 281 ring load cells are strategically positioned to monitor the tension on the elevator stays, thus enabling precise load monitoring. Thanks to their ability to detect voltage variations and convert them into quantifiable data, these load cells allow rapid intervention in the event of overload, thus preventing structural damage to the elevator and ensuring maximum safety for users.

In detail, THE CELMI TYPE 281 LOAD CELL has these characteristics: it can be used for medium capacity weighing systems. 


Typical applications include: 

  • load control systems on aerial platforms. 
  • production machines. 
  • tensioning systems. 
  • load control systems on lifting machines, etc. 

CAPACITY: 0.3-0.5-0.75-1-1.5-2-3-5-7.5-10-15-20 t 


  • IP66 hose-tight construction. 
  • completely in stainless steel. 
  • ATEX certification. 

For more information and details on these products and for the other solutions in the CELMI srl catalogue, you can visit the website and write to

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