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VIA DEGLI ASSINI, 14/16/18 – 24048 TREVIOLO (BG)

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Home Wood Processing BASCHILD S.r.l.


BASCHILD was born from the Baschenis family's passion for wood, a passion that has lasted for five generations.

On June 28, 1942 Gian Pietro Baschenis was born in Averara, a small village in the Brembana Valley, where his father and grandfather own a carpentry. Already at the age of 15 the young Gian Pietro works in the family workshop, developing an interest in wood that will accompany him throughout his life. The boy takes care of the laboratory with his brother and father from 1957 to 1978.

In these years Gian Pietro installed the first existing plants in Italy for thewood drying, purchased by the Hildebrand company. And it is with this German company, at the time the first world producer in the sector, that the now thirty-six year old founder of BASCHILD begins a collaboration that will last 5 years, acquiring further know-how in the field of woodworking.

Thanks to the experience gained, Gian Pietro succeeds in replacing Hildebrand in customer preferences, so much so that in 1988 he chooses to take the big step: found his own company, BASCHILD.

The name BASCHILD derives from the union of the surnames Baschenis and Hildebrand, the latter brand no longer linked to the company for several years.

Initially the operational headquarters of the company is Mozzo (BG), where only two employees work.

Subsequently, thanks to the increasing number of orders and the quality reached by products, BASCHILD operates two extensions: the first in 1996 with the transfer to Roncola di Treviolo (BG), and the second in 2005 with the construction (always in the municipality of Treviolo) of the new headquarters.

Starting in 2000 BASCHILD began to fully demonstrate its international vocation, building drying cells on all continents and creating representative offices abroad and collaborations with foreign companies such as the German MAHILD, of which the Baschenis family owns a share capital.

The history of BASCHILD is inextricably intertwined with that of the founder Gian Pietro Baschenis, who managed the company until his death. His knowledge and experience are still alive and present in the BASCHILD dryers and in the next generation of the family, capable of collecting the inheritance and turning their gaze to the challenges of the future.

Today BASCHILD has a managerial structure at the top of which are the heirs Mauro Baschenis in the Industrial division and Elena Baschenis in the Management division.

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    Home Wood Processing BASCHILD S.r.l.