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Bruno Balducci srl founded on April 15, 1944, for 76 years designs, builds and installs suction, filtration, dedusting and environmental remediation systems.

Fumes, dusts, gases from process, cutting, extrusion, welding, oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting, grinding, sandblasting, oil mists, dust in general, VOC fumes, noxious fumes, paper and cardboard are just some of the thousands of problems that a company must face and solve today.

The transposition into Italian legislation of the European directives - Legislative Decree no. 81/08 - on the "improvement of the safety and health of workers in the workplace" against risks deriving from exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents and of Legislative Decree No. 152/06 on the protection of air quality in general, it requires precise choices, certain references and consolidated experiences.
Bruno Balducci srl is a leading company in its sector thanks to the wealth of know-how and experience gained since 1944 of uninterrupted activity and the high specialization achieved in the supply of turnkey systems.

The activity concerns the construction of a wide range of machines and systems for dust extraction and filtration, oil mist filtration, pneumatic transport, gas abatement. Particular attention is paid to the filtration of potentially explosive dusts (ATEX regulation),

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