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Home Plastic & Rubber CATTORINI Costr. Mecc. S.r.l.

CATTORINI Costr. Mecc. S.r.l.

Cattorini has been established in the year 1974 by Vittorio Cattorini and since 1992 continued by the two brothers Fabio and Alessandro.

The company is situated in the north of Italy, about 5 km from Milano-Malpensa Airport away.

We develop and produce different plants and machines for the production of foil/sheet materials for plastic, textile, paper, laminates, automotive sectors and many other materials.
Until today we have produced about 1500 different types of winding systems for film production.
Our production line consists of many kinds of winding plants, in particular we project and realize:

  • A-frame Winders “Jumbo” for big rolls
  • Turret Re – and Unwinders
  • Cantilever Winders
  • Agriculture film Winders
  • Slitter-Rewinders
  • Transversal foil cutters
  • Pulling devices for different applications
  • Accumulators for automatic roll change in front or behind production line
  • Unwinders for thermoforming machines and many other applicatons
  • Splicing tables / solutions for thermoforming machines and many other applicatons
  • Special machines and solutions
  • Guiding rolls for extrusion film lines and other purposes
  • Textile winding machines
  • Lamination / Coupling plants
  • Special plants for rubber and plastic film

These plants are generally used to wind different types of materials as for example PP, PET, PS, HDPE, BOPP, FOAM, ABS, PVC and other laminates and composites.
As regard the training and the installation of our plants, we take advantage ourselves of very qualifi ed mechanical technicians, and we have a general co-operation with electric engineering company enable all software programs with personal computer or traditional systems.
We deliver our machines and plants all over the world. This also thanks to our close partnership with a lot of other machines manufacturers especially in the film- and rubber industry.

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    Home Plastic & Rubber CATTORINI Costr. Mecc. S.r.l.