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Home Glass Industry DELTAMAX AUTOMATION S.r.l.


Thanks to a technical background acquired in more than 25 years of study and implementation of artificial vision applications, Deltamax Automazione today proposes itself as a reference for quality control for flat glass production and processing companies.

The important and continuous investment for the research and development sector has allowed Deltamax Automazione to innovate its range of solutions, now standardized but modular in order to meet the needs of each customer.

Today Deltamax Automazione has systems for:

  • Detection of glass defects, such as bubbles, inclusions, scratches, coating defects, etc.
  • Quality control of screen printing, comparing each glass with the model requested by the customer
  • Gauge measurement and control

Other innovative solutions are those that allow:

  • Analysis of the fragmentation of tempered glass
  • Detection of the watertight side
  • Checking the presence of the coating

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    Home Glass Industry DELTAMAX AUTOMATION S.r.l.