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Surface treatment and DOGO.
The glass industry has played a decisive role in producing and treating flat glass due to the considerable demand for this material by modern architecture.
Automation and new technology applied to CNC machines, now considered standard and commonly used all over the world, have played a decisive role in the current degree of finish of the treated surface where the mechanical process and the polishing technique play a very particular importance.
In this context, DOGO has played a leading role since 1993, in fact glass companies all over the world have been using the entire DOGO range for over a decade.
DOGO production is the result of a long and intense cooperation between manufacturers and manufacturers of machinery in a position of market leader and includes spiral felts and polishing wheels with elastic or rigid matrix, in the cup or peripheral shape and is considered among the best of the world.
The success was determined by the growing thrust of competition as well as the greater demand for quality and high performance by users.
Over time, products and strategies have changed both on the path of corporate growth and performance, focusing on the total quality of the products and on the development of collateral services such as punctuality in deliveries and pre and post sales assistance.
In summary DOGO has all the credentials to offer itself as a highly reliable partner even for very demanding companies.
No other manufacturer can boast such a complete range.

  • PEACOCK:ย Spiral synthetic felts in ring shape.
  • ELEPHANT:ย Polyurethane synthetic rubber polishers in cup or peripheral form.
  • PUMA:ย Resinoid polishers for engraving and for the flat edge in cup or peripheral shape.
  • BLACK PANTHER:ย Resinoid polishes in cup or peripheral form.
  • PROCYON:ย Rubber and CE02 rinse aid in cup or peripheral form.

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