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We have been specializing in filtration and granulation of plastic materials for over 28 years, offering customized and innovative solutions to meet any need in terms of management, production, and cost optimization.

Thatโ€™s Filtecโ€™s concrete and measurable added value โ€“ having technologies designed to guarantee excellent performance that remains constant over time, as well as a maximum reliability.

All โ€“ from design to manufacturing of each system โ€“ is carried out in our plants, in the name of that Italian craftsmanship that represents our guarantee. That allows us to retain full control over every work phase, not only to offer an exceptional end product, but also to guarantee our full support โ€“ even in the future.

Our assistance service is, indeed, one of our greatest strengths that allow us to guarantee long-lasting and performing systems โ€“ just like the first day.

What is the greatest advantage for those who choose Filtecโ€™s granulation solutions?
They are truly competitive on a continuously developing market, thus overcoming the challenges of this industry. They are fully and constantly supported by a reliable partner, who is always there for them.

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