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Home Plastic & Rubber G.E.A.F. S.p.a.

G.E.A.F. S.p.a.

Since 1971 GEAF has designed and built machines and automatic lines for high frequency and thermo-contact welding of plastic materials.

The company property covers an area of 4,700 mยฒ in Calestano (near PARMA ITALY) and it includes manufacturing, assembly, business offices and the facilities for all the companyโ€™s activities.

Worldwide there are more than 4,500 welding plants using GEAF machinery, both standard and custom designs for the creation of high-tech products.

GEAFโ€™s qualified staff collaborates with the customer starting from the initial design phase of a new product. Testing for process optimization, prototyping, and supply of manual laboratory equipment are some examples of the steps we may use to determine the final result.

GEAF has developed, manufactured and patented high-tech instruments to improve the quality control of the welding cycle. The internal development of electronic and software design allows GEAF to offer to the market the latest generation systems, that guarantee complete integration with the customerโ€™s ERP, remote assistance, monitoring of process parameters and quality control.

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    Home Plastic & Rubber G.E.A.F. S.p.a.