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Home Industrial Automation HEIDENHAIN ITALIANA S.r.l.


DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and manufactures linear and angular measuring systems, rotary encoders, digital displays and numerical controls. HEIDENHAIN devices are mainly used on high-precision machine tools, as well as on plants for the production and processing of electronic components for industrial automation.
Thanks to extensive experience and expertise in the design and production of measuring systems and numerical controls, HEIDENHAIN guarantees the conditions for the automation of the production plants and machines of tomorrow.
The high quality standard is also documented by the DIN ISO 9001 certification and the recognition as a DKD test laboratory (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst - German Calibration Service) for linear and angular quantities. Long-life equipment designed for recycling, resource saving and careful energy consumption have resulted in ISO 14001 environmental certification. EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit-Scheme) registration confirms HEIDENHAIN's direction towards sustainable development which in the long run it must be compatible in economic, ecological and social terms.
Founded in 1974, HEIDENHAIN ITALIANA represents and distributes the HEIDENHAIN brand in Italy, guaranteeing commercial and technical support for the entire product range.
It is a qualified partner of machine tool builders, plant builders and automatic machines. Collaborates with universities, schools and research centers.
He is a member of ANIE (National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Companies), of ASCOMUT (Association of Machine Tool Merchants), of SIRI (Italian Society of Robotics and Automation), of UCIMU - Systems to produce (Union of Italian Machine Tool Manufacturers).

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    Home Industrial Automation HEIDENHAIN ITALIANA S.r.l.