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ย VIA NERVI, 13 25050 โ€“ PASSIRANO (BS)

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IECI S.r.l.

IECI, leading company in the field of temperature control of molds, is an Italian manufacturing firm operating in the sector of aluminum die casting. Our organization was born in 1972 in Passirano, in the province of Brescia (Italy); in these almost 50 years of history it could establish itself as a brand of complete reliability, robustness and high precision.

IECI has always been a pioneer in the search of new technologies and has always sought new horizons and big goals. Our vision is to rely on young people for they are our worldโ€™s future. As we are in the middle of the region Franciacorta, we pay attention to the environmental and territorial preservation; the research and the development of projects making use of less polluting and energy-saving sources are fundamental to us. IECIโ€™s profile is completed by our client care and research of customized solutions.

IECI is present in aluminum die casting โ”€ in particular in the field of automotive โ”€ supplying the main OEM and Tier1 in all continents. But itโ€™s not just this. The temperature control systems can also be applied in lightning, furniture, medical industry, injection molding, extrusion and zinc and zamak die casting.

Provided that the main IECI product are temperature control units, over the years we developed refined technologies for casting quench tanks and for connection plants and energy transfer.

Thanks to the good results achieved in the last years and thanks to the constant and increasing positive feedbacks among our clients, IECI has taken a development and expansion path both on the structural and on the HR level. IECI is growing. With you and for you.


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