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Home Fluid Power NORD FLUID S.p.a.


The NORD FLUID brand is now synonymous with a “reference point” for the distribution market of hydraulic components and Fluid Conveyance and is the distributor of the most important brands in the world of hydraulic components and Fluid Conveyance.
Born in Italy in 1981, over the years it has been able to grow its references both in quality and quantity and at the same time it has cultivated its skills, listened to the needs of customers, supporting them in the search for increasingly specialized and customized solutions.
It is difficult to imagine what the Nord Fluid SpA shareholders thought about the future of their company when they started their entrepreneurial adventure. It is believed that behind the daily hard work there was a dream that, however, did not make us imagine everything that has been built today in the awareness of still being in an expansion phase.
A process and a corporate journey guided and conducted to make everyone participate: collaborators, partners, suppliers and customers.
Those who work in Nord Fluid know they are part of something special. Nord Fluid is the sum of its resources: a company that has structured itself and identifies itself with the human strength that composes it. Responsibility, determination, energy and passion: this is what is offered to everyone. It is challenging but it is the most concrete way to give an answer to those who ask for technology and to those who believe in a Nord Fluid projected into the future.
Those who work in Nord Fluid know that they are part of a story that is being written in real time, of a challenge that has only been going on for ten years and that has yet to know its finest and most intense aspects.

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    Home Fluid Power NORD FLUID S.p.a.