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Home Wood Processing OMMA S.r.l.

OMMA S.r.l.

OMMA is a company with extensive experience, gained in over 40 years of activity, in the construction of roller machines for the wood industry and for many other industrial sectors.

The know-how acquired and a great attention to the technological-qualitative evolution of the product have also made it appreciated OMMA to an international clientele, who have reserved the company trust and consideration.

The modern and recently built headquarters is in the heart of Brianza, north of Milan.
A territory with a high industrial and artisan presence, traditionally linked to woodworking, but on which important realities in the most diverse industrial fields have now settled.

To all these companies OMMA directs its production of machines for brushing, gluing, protection with adhesive films, finishing, printing and related auxiliary devices.

In all these companies OMMA has found and still finds today a test bed and constant comparison. And its market in the world.

Mission di OMMA is customer satisfaction.

Which means proposing the best solution to a single problem, realizing it in a workmanlike manner, adapting it to specific needs.

All through a common, collaborative work, in which the individual company components bring their precious contribution.

In short, being a complete, credible, competent, reliable partner.

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    Home Wood Processing OMMA S.r.l.