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Home Glass Industry PROFILGLASS S.p.a.


Since 1982 Profilglass has been designing and producing spacer and decorative profiles for double glazing and in recent years has reached the position of world leader in the sector with a production of over 470 million linear meters which are exported to 90 countries for 90% of the total turnover of the company.
This production is carried out with the aid of induction welding profiling machines built internally; the profiles, in more than 300 different types, are available in standard, foldable, clear anodized and painted versions.
Since the beginning Profilglass has conducted a constant investment policy culminating in the construction of 4 continuous casting plants and two rolling mills that allow it to produce finished products starting from unprocessed raw material.
The last in chronological order is a degreasing plant for aluminum coils that completely eliminates the residues of the lubricants of the rolling even before the treatment that is carried out in line during the profiling.
Profilglass is part of a group of companies that have a 110,000 m500 facility within which a total of 50.000 employees work for a total of XNUMX tons of processed aluminum per year.
The company is able to produce special shapes and dimensions on request. English style decorative profiles, in their variety of shapes and sizes, are one of the products for which Profilglass is known all over the world; for an even more complete range Profilglass has an internal powder coating plant and a plastic molding department for accessories.

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    Home Glass Industry PROFILGLASS S.p.a.