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Home AgriTech RICOSMA S.n.c. di Gaspari Giuseppe & Emanuele

RICOSMA S.n.c. di Gaspari Giuseppe & Emanuele

RICOSMA: the fruit of a passion.
A constantly growing company, present for more than fifty years in the Vicenza area. Construction and trading company of agricultural machinery founded in 1964 by Gaspari Antonio and still successfully followed by his sons, Giuseppe and Emanuele.

Initially, the production of machinery dedicated to agriculture followed the typical processes of the periods of the year. January, February and March marked the construction of weeding machines, April, May and June of sprayers and spraying machines; July and August led to the production of wagons for grape harvesting, October, November and December machines for working the soil, such as harrows and plows.

Years of hard work, many goals achieved together.
RICOSMA has always been attentive to the concrete requests of its customers, making the cultivation of DOC vineyards, such as Soave and Valpolicella easier and providing agricultural machinery and components capable of facilitating the work in realities typical of the Lower Vicentino area, such as the open field, where the spread of potatoes and tobacco was vast.

Around the nineties the company is the protagonist of a continuous renewal focused on the development and evolution of the machines marketed.

At the beginning of 2000 RICOSMA moved to a new factory that covers an area of ​​1500 square meters with 250 square meters of finished products display and another 250 square meters used for administrative, commercial and technical offices.

In addition, RICOSMA has an outdoor area of ​​3500 square meters with the function of goods storage and warehouse.

Willpower, study and processing were crucial in achieving the set goals. To date, Ricosma boasts a constantly growing trade.

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