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4 Generations of Engineers
The company turned 81 in 2017. For four generations the company has developed thanks to the engineers of the Robbi family
In the first 40 years the company has developed a complete range of machine tools for engine reconditioning (Boring machines, Boring machines, Sanders, Leveling machines, Grinding machines for Crankshafts).
Since 1985 Robbi Group, thanks to the now how acquired in machine tools for engine grinding, enters the machine tool market for industry with 3 main lines:
• Horizontal and Vertical Sanders for Hydraulic Cylinders
• Large Size Crankshaft Grinders
• Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machines
At the beginning the company focused on hydraulic grinding by producing machines: precise, reliable, robust (after almost 30 years many customers use these machine tools, with full satisfaction)
In the 90's the range of Semiautomatic Cylindrical Grinders, PLC-assisted machine tools was developed.
CNC machines were developed in the late 90s.
At the end of the 90s the company organized itself to also conduct Special Projects, to build custom-made machines for industrial companies (Grinders and Sanders).
The company serves the aerospace, automotive and precision engineering sectors and, in general, all fields where a high precision grinding process is required.
But above all, the portfolio of special projects carried out is very broad, including among other things grinding machines with mobile wheel for cylinders in different materials or with granite base for high precision internal grinding.
Furthermore, we must not forget the horizontal sanders for cylinders in which the company occupies a leading position.
The organization is lean and flexible, dedicated to the construction of precise and reliable machines. The property follows and controls every project and every machine.

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