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S.T. GROUP S.r.l.

In 1983 Scotti Giuseppe and Tanzi Ambrogio founded the ST of Scotti e Tanzi, a Brianza mechanical company specialized in turning, milling and metal carpentry.

The TS soon began to be known in the area thanks to the strong collaboration with the main airports in Lombardy.

In 1990 he met the Marval company, a Como-based company well known for the production of glass processing plants, which decided to rely on ST for the production of mechanical parts and various other components of its machines.

In 2010 the children of the respective partners of ST, Laura and Mario enter the company, evolving it with the purchase of new numerical control machinery and the increase in the production of new employees, within a few years, ST is a real industry .

In 2016, after years of collaboration with the Marval company, the two partners decide to expand further by taking over the Marval and Marvalglass brands. Thus was born ST GROUP.

ST GROUP today develops all the advanced technologies in the production of double-glazing machinery, with machines and systems that are appreciated and exported all over the world.

ST GROUP is the new entity immediately operating in the same industrial segment, because it has always supported Marval production and is able to satisfy all customer needs and requests, offering competent services and technical assistance all over the world.

The company's goal is to consolidate and strengthen its market share in double glazing with a high quality product, 100% MADE IN ITALY.


ST GROUP is able to provide its customers with a wide range of products for the production of double glazing:

• Vertical and horizontal WASHING MACHINES, already appreciated by all customers, because they are equipped with an effective 6-brush washing system with superior motorization, an excellent and rapid final drying system with high pressure soundproofed fan and solid structure entirely in stainless steel, almost to represent the concept of eternity.

• Excellence in the range is the TOP ST GROUP WASHING MACHINE

• GAS PRESSES: allow a very high percentage of gas thanks to an efficient nebulization system. An effective system to reduce gas leaks, they satisfy the customer in every respect

• AUTOMATIC SEALING ROBOT: the speed and at the same time the excellent sealing quality of the panels with a perfect closure of the corners are the perfect conclusion of a TOP double-glazing line.

In addition, to complete the double-glazing line, ST GROUP offers:





Among the main commitments of the company is that of building a strong and consolidated commercial network with references in every part of the world, to have a quick and effective access to the various markets but also a very widespread local assistance presence.


ST GROUP has contributed capital that allows it to invest in the RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT sector, thus managing to keep up with the evolution of the machines in this sector, always keeping in mind, not losing sight of the particular requests of customers. is solely and exclusively MADE IN ITALY:

• DESIGNED thanks to a new and functional technical office

• PRODUCED thanks to a mechanical workshop divided into departments of: MILLING - TURNING - CARPENTRY

• ASSEMBLED thanks to a valid department of mechanics assigned to assembly

• TESTED ST GROUP personally tests and checks each product before delivery to the customer


A team of ST GROUP installers takes care of the commissioning of the machinery, educating customers and operators on the use and maintenance of the products thanks to the command of the main foreign languages.


The main ST GROUP machines are equipped with remote control systems, this allows instant telematic assistance. Any other kind of customer assistance is possible thanks to ST GROUP's ability to send technicians all over the world in 24 hours.

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