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Home Textile Industry SANTONI S.p.a.


Santoni was founded in 1919 and is the first Italian company to produce sock machines. In 1989 he joined the Lonati Group, a Group active in various sectors ranging from Textile, Electronics, Steel, Real Estate, Finance, Banking, to Education.

Over the past twenty years Santoni has developed a series of circular knitting machines for Seamless knitting, becoming a world leader in this technology.

Seamless machines express a revolutionary concept in the field of textile machines. Their use was initially limited to the production of underwear but over the years technical, sports, beachwear, medical clothing, knitwear, pullovers, and other types of outer clothing have been added. Santoni then began to focus primarily on seamless machine manufacturing by including models that offered more flexibility in creating different designs with multiple colors. The continuous activity of the Research and Development Division and the consequent updating of the machines involved the merger of two concepts; the technological concept of hosiery combined with that of knitwear.

This has allowed the SANTONI machines to expand both the potential and the performances allowing an easy repositioning from one textile sector to another.

Santoni is currently the only Group that, with its range of different types of machines, can cover many segments of the textile sector, allowing it to meet the multiple needs of the market.

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    Home Textile Industry SANTONI S.p.a.