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Home Glass Industry Sediver Spa

Sediver Spa

For 70 years Sediver has specialized in overhead line insulation technology - research, design, manufacturing, testing and supply of insulators for AC and DC applications designed to perform under all kind of environmental conditions.
Through strong R&D investment, Sediver has kept on pioneering solutions to answer technical challenges and environment constraints.
Sediver quality of products is confirmed by outstanding track record and 500 million toughened glass insulators in 150 countries.
HVAC applications - Sediver toughened glass insulator High quality toughened glass insulators for all environmental conditions
HVDC applications - Sediver HRTG Sediver developed an exclusive technical solution for DC Solution for extreme pollution - Sedicoat RTV coated glass insulator Eliminate the need for periodic washing and the risk of pollution related flashovers
Technical consultancy services Sediver team of experts provide unique technical support throughout all stages of line insulation

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    Home Glass Industry Sediver Spa