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TK S.r.l.

Tk was founded in 1996 in Lecco with the desire to capitalize on the professional experiences and the important technical knowledge in the industrial field gained over the years by the founding members.

At the base of the activity, a single and simple objective: to supply the best systems and the best know-how for glass processing, with the maximum possible flexibility.

In the following years, Tk confirmed itself as one of the most competitive players on the market and began to be recognized at Italian and international level as a high-profile, extremely reliable company characterized by a high level of technology and innovation.

In 2008, the decision to focus the company's core business almost exclusively on hardening and rolling plants (obviously without forgetting the bending and casting plants): a strategic turning point that was able to anticipate what was actual market evolution.

In 2012, parallel to the constant development in terms of Research & Development, the third element of the team enters the company: Alfredo Bresciani.

Tk produces industrial plants of excellence for the heat treatment of glass. We cater to small, medium and large companies, national or international, who need to increase their production capacity, while at the same time increasing the quality and performance of the finished product.

We guarantee:

  • the best of technology and innovation, the result of continuous investments in Research and Development
  • the most advanced European components to build all systems internally
  • "Turnkey" processes: from preliminary analysis to after-sales assistance, passing through the design, installation and monitoring of ovens
  • 100% customized solutions: tailored to the customer's needs because they are built step-by-step with him

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