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Home Glass Industry VETRARIA SOZZI S.r.l.


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The origins of this company, now called VETRARIA SOZZI SRL, are due to two esteemed founders, Gaudenzio Sozzi and Galli Piera, who over forty years ago with tireless industriousness began the transformation of flat glass in a small laboratory.

The company still today respects the principles and philosophy of its founders who have since then constantly strived to improve service and quality.

Thanks to this, the company is today to achieve continuous successes in the most varied sectors of both national and foreign markets, placing it in a significant position, it also boasts of its own qualified and technically prepared staff to respond to the most ambitious requests commissioned by various architectural firms , design and customers.

The current industrial reality of the company extends with its factories over an area of over eight thousand square meters. operating in the transformation of flat glass with sophisticated technologically advanced machinery capable of maintaining a high level of quality.

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    Home Glass Industry VETRARIA SOZZI S.r.l.