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Home Glass Industry Vetreria SAV 2000 S.n.c.

Vetreria SAV 2000 S.n.c.

SAV 2000 specializes in manufacturing insulated glass, laminated glass and in the flat glass processing for Building, Interiors, Furnishings and Shipbuilding. It was founded in 1968 and was among the first companies to manufacture insulated glass in Italy. The great experience, reliability and accuracy allow us to offer our clients high level products with excellent technical and architectural performances. EVO.VETROTM line is created to highlight and make interactive all the special kinds of laminated glasses both decorative and innovative that the company is able to manufacture thanks to the insertion of original materials combined to cutting edge technologies at a high stylistic effect respecting the security and the environmental rules.

SAV 2000 always put at first place the technological innovation of its own production cycle. To achieve the maximum quality of its product as well as highly qualified staff the company has:
- a fully automated line for monolithic and laminated glass cutting;
- a modern assembly line for the insulated glass (Lisec), composed by an automatic edge working machine, washing machine, computerized scanner for the detection of imperfections, spacers fitting, press with gas charge automatically, automatic sealing machine, automatic profiles bender to bend aluminum grooves, steel and plastic (Warm Edge) max dimensions 5000 x 3300 mm;
- a line of glass lamination (both with mangle and vacuum), capable of operating with sheet glass up to 5500 x 2600 mm;
- a vertical grinding machine for grinding both straight and shaped glasses (computerized machining center). It is essential to SAV 2000 always be prepared to satisfy the most varied and unique needs of its customers.
That is why the company is stored with a large stock of all the various types and thicknesses of glass in the market, with all thicknesses of clear float, a wide range of stopsol glass, colored glass, printed and selective glass, selfcleaning and at last but not least sound proof glass. The production lines are equipped with modern machines, which allow us to offer a consistently high level of quality. The processes include:
- automated cutting;
- production IG with automatic gas fitting;
- production of laminated glass;
- grinding rectangular and shaped glasses;
- drilling.

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    Home Glass Industry Vetreria SAV 2000 S.n.c.