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Belfortglass was born in 1971, starting to produce butylers and extruders of sealants for double glazing, known and appreciated in all industrialized countries.

In 1979 the production of diamond wheels began, reaching the current high quality levels also for the continuous exchange of experiences with technicians of the manufacturers of chamfering, grinding and polishing machines.
Belfortglass wheels, traditional first installation wheels for the machines of Bovone Elettromeccanica and other leading machine manufacturers, are now known all over the world.

The know-how achieved has made it possible to produce tools that work at very high speeds: for example, 10 meters of speed per minute on the 10 mm bevel, achieved with our Hp wheels on the bevelling machines of an important manufacturer, are worth.
Belfortglass machines stand out for their reliability, durability and ease of use. Technical assistance is also provided on very old models; spare parts and very practical technical manuals are always available in stock. Furthermore, Belfortglass machines overhauled and guaranteed as new are frequently available.

Since 1997 Belfortglass has expanded the range with complete lines and accessory equipment for the production of insulating glass. These machines are built following the construction criteria that have always distinguished our industrial philosophy and are made taking into account the requests of an increasingly vast and demanding clientele.
Belfortglass also supplies consumer products for double-glazing, namely aluminum profiles, dehydrating salts, sealants.


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