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Boffetti S.p.A. has been present for more than fourty years in the electrical and technological plant engineering market.

Boffetti S.p.A. was established in 1982 by Giovanni Boffetti and since its very first years in business, has always stood out for its amazing propensity to expand towards numerous markets thanks to expertise, quality products and the ability to accurately comply with customer requests.

A trusted reference point for customers right from the start, Boffetti has faced each new activity with an enterprising spirit and great managerial prowess focused on successfully overcoming every challenge, specializing in an increasing number of sectors and acquiring a broad range of technical skills.

Boffetti strongly believes in the human capital and promotes training and talent enhancement. Product development is entrusted to the experience and competence of technicians who work closely with the customers using the most advanced design, simulation and testing technologies. When the projects are strongly innovative, Boffetti S.p.A. also relies on advice from prestigious universities, including the Politecnico University of Milan. As main contractor, Boffetti provides technical input to ensure the best solutions are chosen, provides for the economic assessment of the job, integrates products and equipment conforming to the regulations and certifies compliance of the complete system. Boffetti S.p.A. designs, tests and manufactures all plant products and systems entirely in its own factories and always guarantees maximum competitiveness, reliability and prompt deliveries.

Production organization in the Boffetti plants is based on processes and machinery that comply with environmental protection regulations regarding the choice of raw materials, commodities, energy consumption and waste reduction.

Construction materials such as steel, copper, plastics, rubbers and resins are fully recyclable through known and certified recovery systems and processes.
The gas used for normal operation of equipment can be easily recovered at the end of its life and recycled for reuse.

The products are designed to be easily disassembled at the end of their useful life, after which their individual components can be separated and fully recycled.
All materials are catalogued from the environmental viewpoint in order to facilitate their collection, recycling, decontamination and transfer to specialized and certified companies.

The packaging and installation materials are completely recyclable.
All products guarantee long service life and are virtually maintenance-free.
The service life of gas-insulated products is guaranteed for over 30 years.
The production sites, the equipment built in the Boffetti plants and the environmental management system conform to ISO 14000 Environmental Management Guidelines.


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