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VIA GENOVA, 82 - 12100 CUNEO (CN)

For over 51 years BOTTERO SPA has been manufacturing machinery and systems for flat glass processing, from the first tilting tables to the first automatic lines, passing through the first machine in the world for cutting laminated glass in 1975, then to the cutting machines of the years ’80 CNC to arrive at the modular series of the ’90s.
This is the result of the continuous work of the most qualified technicians to find quality solutions, at low prices, for worldwide customers. The design of the machines, as well as the study and construction of special systems on specific customer requirements, are carried out entirely within the company.
The catalog of machines offered by the well-known Piedmontese company is undoubtedly the largest that any other company is able to provide, given that there are single machines and lines for straight and float glass cutting, with manual or automatic break-outs, as well as to multiple solutions for laminated glass, from the simple semi-automatic machine to the super-productive XY line (now also with vertical development); we then move on to simple loading systems (loaders) of various kinds, up to more complex systems, such as automatic overhead cranes or automatic shuttle warehouses, complete with a fully automatic processing scrap recovery machine.
Moving on to the grinding family, machines made no longer in Cuneo but in the Trana plant, we have: straight bevelers, straight edge edgers, even with variable angle, shape edgers, bilateral lines for flat or round edge, single drills , drilling lines and, from today, also numerically controlled automatic drills.
Truly an extraordinary range, for quality and completeness of range. In addition to the standard machines for handling, cutting, breaking, grinding and chamfering of monolithic and laminated glass, BOTTERO SPA produces “turnkey” systems for automotive glass, for the production of float and laminated glass, thanks to its division engineering.
Customer support is guaranteed by an impressive technical service network that includes, in addition to the parent company, branches in Germany (BOTTERO GmbH), in the USA (BOTTERO FLAT GLASS INC.), In China (BOTTERO GLASS MACHINERY SHANGHAI), in France (BOTTERO FRANCE), in Brazil (BOTTERO DO BRASIL) and in England (BOTTERO UK), as well as the agents / distributors who assist the BOTTERO customer in the various countries of the world.
Furthermore, since October 2001, the wide range of products that Bottero SPA is able to supply has been further expanded thanks to the creation of the company Bimatech srl, specialized in the production of numerically controlled machining centers. The combination of the great and specific experience brought by Paci and Tamburini and the large and efficient production capacity of Bottero SpA, has made it possible to produce and sell, in less than 5 years, more than 350 units of machines all over the world.


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