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Brixiaplast has been a leader in the plastics transformation market for 25 years. Born from the merger of three companies with consolidated experience in the sector, today our quality and reliability allow us to be internationally recognized for the design and production of all the components necessary for the transformation of plastic materials (screws, cylinders, tips, heads and nozzles).

Our constantly expanding structure has achieved this result thanks to the desire to meet the needs of our customers, offering unique services and skills on the national and international scene.

Our company believes and invests in innovation and development; Our laminating technicians have many years of experience and thanks to them we can now provide analyzes and solutions to issues concerning the lamination process, the quality of the final product, the reduction of cycle time and waste. For this reason, the ability to design and produce special products dedicated to the most varied customer needs using European raw materials of the best quality is recognized as our strength.

Thanks to the work done by the new hires in the foreign branch, it was right to make the choice to set up a new reality dedicated to the foreign market: BRIXIA EXP S.r.l.

This choice was dictated not only by the excellent results obtained by Brixiaplast in the foreign market, but also to start a new series of initiatives that are and will be continued over time. The results obtained lead us to believe with strong conviction that we are competitive in terms of price and quality also for foreign markets.

To make the service provided to foreign customers even more effective and widespread, we have increased the number of collaborators to give each foreign customer and distributor clear, timely and qualified answers in an increasingly complex market.

These extremely positive results have charged us with an even greater responsibility, if possible, towards those who believe in our company and in the goodness of its work and our company feels ready to respond to all your needs.