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GRUPPO COLINES® HOLDING has an established sales network all over the world with agents present on all five continents. The group’s main distinctive features are an undisputed reputation in the market, a highly-qualified technical department with above-average skills and a valuable and professional group structure allowing effective research & development, a problem-solving oriented approach and a ready after-sales assistance service.

Colines® Novara Factory
COLINES® was founded in 1973 as Colinex by Mario Zorloni and Francesco Lombardini, who came from preceding experiences in the plastic sector dating back to 1966.
Over the years the company has performed its activity in the base of Nibbia (Novara) since 1978 and, later on, since 1987 also in the second facility of Malnate (Varese).
To cope with the increasing amount of work, COLINES® has further amplified the structure of Nibbia and in 2004 moved from Malnate to the new and modern premises of Azzate (Varese), focusing there the manufacture of lines for producing air bubble film, stretch film, multilayer blown film and magnetic gaskets for refrigerators.
The historic plant of Nibbia continues designing and manufacturing lines for cast PP film, barrier film, breathable and embossed hygienic film, as well as extrusion coating lines, high-productivity tandem lines for special coextruded films and for alveolar Bubble Guard® Board sheets.
A highly-qualified technical department with specialized skills, a valuable and professional company organization, an effective activity of research & development, as well as a swift after-sales assistance service are among the main distinctive features of COLINES®.
The factory of Nibbia has been working since 1998 with a certified quality management system now in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Colines® Azzate Factory
The second premises of COLINES® were built and activated in Malnate (Varese) in 1987.
To cope with the increasing amount of work, in 2004 the activity was moved to the present factory of Azzate (Varese), building a much greater and modern plant, fitted with an area 18 meters high for the assembly and the test-run of multilayer blown film lines.
An important part of the production range of COLINES® Nibbia was passed on to this new operation center, i.e. the manufacture of lines for air bubble film, small and medium size lines for CPP and stretch film and multilayer blown film lines. In the factory of Azzate, COLINES® engineers and manufactures also machines for the production of magnetic gaskets for refrigerators.
With over 300 extrusion lines (for profiles in PVC and magnetic strips) and ancillary equipment (magnetic strip inserting machines and welding machines) sold all over the world, COLINES® is leader of the market in this particular technology.
The plant of Azzate has been working since 1998 with certified quality management system now in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Colines® Marano Ticino Factory
The third premises of COLINES® was activated in Marano Ticino (Novara) in 2017, due to the company’s needs to get more space after having dramatically increased the yearly turnover and production. The latest manufacturing facility of the group celebrated its first “birthday” hosting at the same time eight different production lines and in less than two years since it started being operational, already over 30 lines were built and tested in the premises before being shipped to their respective buyers.

Colines® Air Bubble – Bastia Umbra Factory
COLINES® AIR BUBBLE, located in Bastia Umbra (Perugia) was established in february 2016 by GRUPPO COLINES® HOLDING. Historically COLINES® was the first company to develop and make popular, since the late Sixties, the technology for the production of air bubble film directly from the resin.
Since then, COLINES® has always focused on improving their specific know-how, thus selling all over the world hundreds of lines for mono and coextruded film as well as converting machinery for a variety of products/applications for protective packaging, in different models and production performance. At the end of February 2016, GRUPPO COLINES® HOLDING seized the opportunity to take over the design and manufacturing activity of lines for the production and converting of air bubble film from Torninova Srl, establishing COLINES® AIR BUBBLE.
With this new facility, GRUPPO COLINES® HOLDING aimed at improving their production capacity, expanding their already broad customer base across all continents and consolidating their technical and technological leadership worldwide.

Elav® S.r.l. Cameri Factory
Founded by Giuseppe Lavatelli, at the beginning of his cooperation with COLINES® , ELAV® has been operating in the field of industrial automation systems since 1980. The design activity starts from defining the automation-system aims and involves the full implementation of the circuit diagrams, as well as the control software for PLCs and Supervision systems (SCADA), designed for both line control and product quantity, quality and statistic supervision.
The ELAV® philosophy is aimed at considering the equipment able to create a product by only formulating the dimensional data and to supervise the quality during the production cycle.
Over the thirty years of activity, the company has acquired such a knowledge that allows confronting even the revamping activity of machinery equipped with obsolete control systems to make them reach state-of-the art levels.
Over the years ELAV® has constantly grown, developing the activity also in other fields, especially in the sector of cables, thus achieving an interesting mix of know-how, and finally joined GRUPPO COLINES® HOLDING in 2008, while maintaining its original diversified activity. ELAV® works with a certified quality management system now in compliance with UNI ENI ISO 9001:2015.
ELAV has been fully involved in Industry 4.0 – System integration for over 5 years: the company aim is to deliver and supply the best solutions for production’s control and management, in order to improve traceability and quality control.
In 2020 ELAV widened their venue, creating a brand-new production area for over 2100 sqm, in order to satisfy the constant and continuos production increase. At the beginning of 2021 ELAV started the new Mechanical Division (eMech), dedicated to the manufacture of extrusion lines for cables production.

Estabilished in Hauppauge (New York) in 2016, COLINES® USA Corp. is the company dedicated to manage GRUPPO COLINES® HOLDING’s activities in North America, which has become a crucial market for the group. The company is a proud member of Plastics Industry Association.