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The history of Cubotex began in 1984, when the two founders, Bolzoni and Cutrone, developed an innovative machine for dyeing women’s tights.

The “TC” machine, patented in several countries, has allowed over 50% savings in terms of utility and labor in dyeing tights and, thanks to this innovation, Cubotex has become in a few years the main supplier in the world of dyeing for tights.

Nowadays, the company still holds the highest market share worldwide in this particular sector and it is estimated that between 65 and 75% of the tights produced in the world today are dyed in Cubotex machines.

After a couple of years of founding, the company began to increase the product range to include different types of machinery such as cabinet machines, bobbin / fiber dyeing machines, drum dyeing machines and steamers.

For each type of machine produced, Cubotex today has primary reference customers who are among the most important textile companies in the world.

Cubotex’s main objective is to follow customers not only as a supplier of machines, but as a partner able to satisfy any particular need.

The relationship established with customers is a partnership that continues over the years and allows us to develop and implement, together with the users of the machines, improvements and new ideas.

All the machines are 100% produced in Italy in the same unit where the design department works closely with the production.

Satisfying customer needs and producing machines of the highest quality has always been the primary objective of the company, from the first day of its foundation: today there are more than 400 customers and more than 2300 machines, which are the best demonstration of the above .