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    DANFOSS S.r.l.

    Danfoss VLT Drives is the first drive manufacturer to introduce series production of frequency converters.
    “Dedication” has been the key word since 1968, when Danfoss introduced the first mass-produced variable speed drive, which was called VLT®.
    For over 45 years, Danfoss VLT Drives has been providing technologically advanced, easy to use, reliable products designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of its customers.
    VLT® frequency converters regulate the speed of three-phase asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors in the most varied industrial applications such as cranes, conveyor belts, palletizers, as well as in complex heating, air conditioning, ventilation, pumping systems, water treatment, and much more.
    VLT® frequency converters control speed, torque, acceleration, and perform synchronization, positioning and electronic cam operations, offering maximum efficiency and energy savings.
    The “heart” of Danfoss VLT® drives, ie the IGBTs of the power stages, are produced directly by a company belonging to the Group, Danfoss Silicon Power.
    This allows the performance of the entire VLT® range to be optimized, ensuring reliability and control precision.
    The experience gained in these 45 years has allowed Danfoss VLT Drives to develop dedicated and specific drives for the main industrial sectors.