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E6POS S.r.l.

Founded in 2001, E6pos Robotic Solutions is a company specialized in industrial automations fully customized to suit the Clients’ manufacturing needs. E6Pos guarantees high production performances and long-lasting resistance even with high temperatures as well as maximum assistance and special attention to safety in the workplace.
E6Pos, in addition to well- equipped robots, offers a wide range of automations: equipment for the enslavement of die-casting machines (piece extraction, lubricates the mould, the prefinishing), robotic systems for gravity casting (aluminum, brass, cast iron), robotic samplers for blast furnaces, robotic contouring and finishing of metal products and composite materials, end of line palletizing equipment on tank or pallet. From design to final production, as a tailor and with the aid of modern technological tools ( 3D Simulator, ERP, SCADA) E6Pos manufactures various types of configurations and robotic solutions fully realized in-house, such as gravity casting robotized working cells, systems for the control of machine tools and transfers, special applications, depalletizing, fast movement of objects on a production line and prompt action services, for a better response to the production needs of the Customer. The feasibility study included in each type of offer (even the most ordinary), preliminary testing at our factory with a test of efficiency and implementation of corrective actions, are the steps that precede the start of production with final testing of all our installation.